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Migratory Arrivals
This page documents the chronology of migratory bird sightings at my house.
This page will tell you a little about me, my work as an author, and my work in the field of natural history.
This page will give you a chance to look back at some of the columns I wrote last month.

This month's Bird Quiz is the Thinking Chair Challenge. See if you can identify these birds that I saw while trying to get photos for my columns in August.

Use this portal to see some of the most interesting photographic destinations I have visited in an attempt to record the beautiful nature of the world.
This page is dedicated to readers who write in with questions or interesting stories of their own. You can also find great links to nature destinations and nature websites.
Visit this page to get new wallpaper for your computer. This month's offering is the same image of the gull on the rock that you saw on the index page.