SPRING Arrivals 2017


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Past arrival dates are listed in red below.

Phoebes have been sighted in the following towns:





2017 ARRIVALS: (2009-16 sightings are leisted below for comparison).

May 20 - Common yellowthroats are down in the meadow once again.

May 19 - Great crested flycatchers sound loud, energetic and perturbed...as usual.

May 18 - I saw a hummingbird today!

May 12 - A great blue heron flew over the yard.

May 7 - Wood thrush and yellow warbler songs are heard today!!

May 6 - First white-crowned sparrow sighting. This is another bird that stays around for a week or so before heading to Canada.

May 5 - Bobolinks are here. They always show up for a week before moving on to the larger fields down the road.

Apr 29 - First rose-breasted grosbeak of the spring.

Apr 28 - Three new species today: Baltimore oriole, broad-winged hawk, and American kestrel.

Apr 24 - First woodcock of the year. This seemed a little late to me, but it isn't up to me..

Apr 20 - House Wrens singing in the morning.

Apr 19 - Towhees and Chipping Sparrows are here.

Apr 18 - Kingfishers and Brown Thrashers have arrived. The kingfisher was a big surprise!!

Apr 9 - A BIG DAY!! Tree Swallows, Phoebes, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Turkey Vultures all appear as the weather clears.

Mar 25 - Song sparrows are here.

Mar 5 - Early sighting of a pair of Killdeer!!

Mar 4 - Northern Shrike.

Feb 24 - First common grackles.

Feb 15 - First red-winged blackbirds and I actually heard a northern flicker. Whoa!

Feb 7 - First swamp sparrow!! This is not the first time I've had swampies here for the winter.

Jan 8 - First brown-headed cowbird.



It is important to note that 2016 saw the strongest El Nino event ever recorded. There was virtually no snow this winter and many birds (like red-winged blackbirds and American Robins never disappeared during the winter. I even had a male rose-breasted grosbeak in Jaunuary, but I think that particular bird never attempted the trip south and may have perished due to the cold that followed.

May 21 - My first real day of spring birding and it was a big one. Veery, Red-eyed vireo, Common Yellowthroat, and Gray Catbrids are here.

May 20 - Scarlet Tanagers and Yellow-bellied sapsuckers are here.

May 18 - Wood thrush singing in the southern woods.

May 14 - Great-crested Flycatcher singing so loud that I heard it inside. New birds seem to be arriving daily!!!

May 13 - Northern Oriole singing from the crabapple tree.

May 12 - White-crowned sparrows (3-4 of them) are still visiting my feeding station!!!!!!!

May 9 - Barn Swallows and Hummingbirds have returned!

May 8 - A rare and wonderful sighting of white-crowned sparrows!!

May 5 - Saw my first green heron of the season!!

May 1 - Chipping Sparrows arrived during the night.

April 30 - Yellow Warblers have arrived.

April 27 - House Wrens are here.

April 26 - Towhees are back.

April 16-22 = A week in Florida may have caused me to miss an arrival or two.

April 13 - Brown Thrashers are here!

April 9 - First Field Sparrow of the year (this seems really early! Thank you El Nino!!).

April 1 - Phoebes are here!!!

March 30 - Great blue Heron!!

March 26 - American Woodcock and American Kestrels have appeared.

March 11 - First sighting of a female red-winged blackbird.

March 9 - Tree Swallows, Spong Sparrows, and Canada Geese are back.

March 2 - Turkey Vultures are back.

February 27 - Common Grackles have appeared.



Monday, June 22 - Everyone who is going to show up is here. Conspicuous in their absence are field sparrows and indigo buntings...for now.

Friday, May 22 - Alder flycatchers are here.

Friday, May 15 - My last sighting of a junco for the 2014-15 season.

Sunrday, May 10 - Common yellowthroats, scarlet tanagers, ovenbirds, cuckoos, blue-winged warblers and great-crested flycatchers all arrived overnight!

Saturday, May 9 - Male rose-breasted grosbeak at my feeder!!!! I also heard my first red-eyed vireo of the summer!

Friday, May 8 - Wood thrush singing among the other voices in the dawn chorus!

Thursday, May 7 - Great blue heron flew over my yard. I also hear a Baltimore oriole down in the treeline.

Wednesday, May 6 - A BIG DAY!! - ruby-throated hummingbirds, gray catbirds, eastern kingbirds, and barn swallows are here. I also saw three green herons fly over my porch this evening. Also...last sighting of a white-throated sparrow for the 2014-15 season.

Sunday, May 3 - Yellow warblers have arrived.

Monday, April 27 - House wrens are here.

Thursday, April 23 - Killdeer are here! (I know they've been around, but I finally saw one)

Wednesday, April 22 - NOTE: juncos and white-throated sparrows are still here, but the tree sparrows left at about the same time that the chipping sparrows showed up. This seems to happen every year.

Saturday, April 18 - First chipping sparrows and first great blue heron over my yard.

Tuesday, April 14 - First brown thrashers and eastern towhees.

Monday, April 13 - First spring peepers.

Monday, April 6 - First song sparrow of the season! Saw a turkey vulture over my yard.

Sunday, April 5 - First American kestrel of the year!

Friday, April 3 - The tree swallows and Phoebes have arrived! (They arrived on 4/4 in 2014) Mallards are also flying around the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 1 - Woodcock singing and displaying in the meadow.

Sunday, March 29 - Canada geese are back!

Saturday, March 21 - Northern flicker on the porch!

Sunday, March 15 - It has begun! Common grackles, red-winged blackbirds, and brown-headed cowbirds have all arrived this morning.

Thursday, March 12 - Turkey vultures are here!


2014 Arrivals:

Saturday, May 31 - The only regular species missing from my yard at this point are scarlet tanagers and eastern kingbirds.

Tuesday, May 27 - First time I've heard a cedar waxwing this year. A common summer bird, but I never know when they will show up.

Friday, May 23 - First song of an alder flycatcher.

Wednesday, May 21 - First sighting (heard the songs) of a wood thrush, great-crested flycatcher, and prairie warbler.

Tuesday, May 20 - First sighting of a northern oriole.

Saturday, May 17 - First sighting of a common yellowthroat.

Thursday, May 15 - First sighting of a gray catbird.

Wednesday, May 14 - First green heron.

Sunday, May 11 - Fist ovenbird.

Saturday, May 10 - First yellow warbler and first hummingbird (a female).

Thursday, May 8 - First white-crowned sparrow and the last sighting of a junco.

Wednesday, May 7 - First bobolink seen in my backyard.

Saturday, May 3 - First rose-breasted grosbeak.

Thursday, May 1 - Last sighting of a white-throated sparrow.

Monday, April 21 - First day of my spring break and the house wrens have arrived!!

Saturday, April 19 - Swamp sparrows, palm warblers, yellow-rumped warblers, and ruby-crowned kinglets at the rail trail in South Amherst, MA.

Wednesday, April 16 - Chipping sparrow on my porch.

Tuesday, April 15 - Field sparrows are down in the meadow! Brown thrashers have arrived.

Sunday, April 13 - Eastern towhees have arrived.

Saturday, April 12 - Yellow-bellied sapsuckers have arrived.

Sunday, April 6 - Final sighting of American Tree Sparrows.

Friday, April 4 - Oh wonderful day! The PHOEBES and tree swallows are here!

Thursday, April 3 - Hear woodcocks singing while I was filling up my birdfeeder this morning.

Sunday, March 30 - I just saw a my first great blue heron of the spring flying over my yard.

Tuesday, March 25 - First American kestrel of the season on the telephone wires down the road.

Sunday, March 23 - Female red-winged blackbirds are here. The songs of red-winged blackbirds and grackles have started to dominate the world outside.

Saturday, March 22 - Canada geese are calling in the valley and a turkey vulture just flew over my house.

Friday, March 14 - Common Grackles have arrived!

Sunday, March 9 - Northern flicker in my yard!

Friday, March 7 - Red-winged blackbirds are back!

Sunday, March 2 - Vultures are back!

Thursday, February 20 - Three male brown-headed cowbirds on my porch.


2013 Arrivals:

Friday, May 17 - ANOTHER BIG DAY!! Common yellowthroats, wood thrushes, green herons, and yellow-billed cuckoos are back. I saw/heard 35 species of birds from my porch!!

Thursday, May 16 - Great-crested flycatchers are back...and making quite a rukus!

Saturday, May 11 - First hummingbird of the seasion!

Friday, May 10 - ANOTHER BIG DAY!! Norther orioles, ovenbirds, and catbirds are back!

Sunday, May 5 - The yellow warblers have returned!

Saturday, May 4 - Northern waterthrush at Barton Cove (Connecticut River, Turners Falls)

Friday, May 3 - Male rose-breasted grosbeak at my feeder!

Sunday, April 18 - Broad-winged hawk just flew over my house. This was also the last day I saw juncos in my yard.

Friday, April 26 - House wrens are here!

Sunday, April 21 - A BIG DAY!! Field sparrows, meadowlarks, and towhees have arrived!

Friday, April 19 - Brown thrasher singing from the cottonwood tree in my yard! Yellow-bellied sapsucker in the woods to the south of my house.

Thursday, April 18 - Chipping sparrows have arrived! Almost exactly to the day as last year.

Tuesday, April 15 - Northern flickers are singing in the woods. Tree swallows are flying over the field and checking out the nest boxes.

Monday, April 8 - PHOEBES are here!!! They are already checking out the nesting shelf!!

Sunday, April 7 - Peepers are singing!

Saturday, April 6 - Tree Swallows flying over the lake!

Saturday, March 30 - First song sparrow song of the season! It's a beautiful morning and the bluebirds were singing from the cottonwood tree by my porch. Female red-bellied woodpecker here for the first time in months.

Friday, March 29 - For the first time this year the bluebirds and robins are a real presence. The bluebirds are singing and looking for nest boxes. The robins are talking to one another, but not singing yet.

Saturday, March 23 - American Kestrel just down the road. This is the same day that kestrels appeared last year!

Wednesday, March 20 - It's snowing...hard.

Tuesday, March 12 - Spotted a great blue heron!!

Sunday, March 10 - Killdeer call heard from a blue sky over my porch!

Friday, March 8 - Flock of turkey vultures!

Saturday, March 2 - First common gracke...on my proch railing!

Sunday, February 17 - Female brown-headed cowbird on the porch this morning!

Saturday, February 16 - First red-winged blackbird of the year on the porch this morning!


2012 Arrivals:

**Due to warm conditions in 2012 American robins were seen in large numbers all "winter."

Friday, April 20 - Here's an odd collection: Towhees, Meadowlarks, Water Thrushes and Purple Finches all appeared today.

Wednesday, April 18 - House Wrens and Green Herons are back.

Tuesday, April 17 - Chipping Sparrows are back.

Sunday, April 15 - Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Field Sparrows are back.

Friday, April 6 - Tree swallows and phoebes arrived at my house today!!

Tuesday, March 27 - Killdeer are back

Friday, March 23 - American kestrels and Great blue herons are back.

Wednesday, March 7 - Woodcock in the lower field!

NOTE: Turkey vultures have been around, but I'm not sure if they ever really left.

Monday, February 20 - Red-winged blackbirds are back.

Saturday, February 11 - Common grackles are back.

Thursday, February 2 - Brown-headed cowbird on the porch.


2011 Arrivals:

Wednesday, May 11 - Field sparrows and northern orioles are back & the phoebe has a nest full of eggs.

Tuesday, May 10 - White-crowned sparrows, ruby-throated hummingbirds, eastern towhees, and wood thrushes are back.

Sunday, May 8 - Brown thrashers are back.

Monday, May 2 - Rose-breasted grosbeaks and common yellowthroats are back.

Friday, April 29 - Gray catbirds are back.

Thursday, April 28 - House wrens are back.

Wednesday, April 27 - Chipping sparrows are back.

Tuesday, April 26 - The past few weeks have been cold and cloudy, rarely reaching the mid 50's. Last night there was a very energetic thunder storm and today the temperature hit 80 degrees. Get ready for the flood!!

Sunday, April 24 - Meadowlarks are back.

Thursday, April 21 - The blackbirds are back in force.

Sunday, April 17 - Rain, snow, wind, and cold.

Friday, April 15 - Finally something to report. Phoebes are back in my yard!

Monday, April 11 - Peepers and Wood Frogs are singing.

Saturday, April 9 - Tree Swallows are back.

Saturday, March 19 - Brown-headed cowbirds are here.

Friday March 11 - Common Grackes are here.

Wednesday March 9 - Turkey Vultures are here.

Suday, March 6 - Killdeer spotted in Hadley, Mass [thanks to Thom Stratford for writing in!]

Saturday March 5 - Red-winged Blackbirds are here.


2010 Arrival Dates:

Sunday April 25 - I've been away for a week and things have changed a lot! Phoebes have eggs, Chipping Sparrows have arrived, and towhees are back!

Sunday April 11 - Juncos are still here, but white-throated sparrows appear to be gone.

Monday April 5 - Flickers and Killdeer are back (also first thunder storm of the year)

Sunday April 4 - Brown Thrashers are back (in Amherst Mass)

Friday April 2 - Tree swallows and phoebes are back.

Thursday April 1 - Peepers are singing

Wednesday March 31 - Kestrels are back

Tuesday March 30 - Wood ducks are back

Sunday March 21 - Hooded Mergansers and Ring-billed Ducks are back

Thursday March 11 - Grackles are back

Sunday March 7 - Turkey Vultures are back

Saturday March 6 - Redwinged Blackbirds are back


2009 Arrival Dates:

Saturday, May 16 - Yellow-billed cuckoo, red-eyed vireo, spotted sandpiper, yellowlegs (not sure which one yet), vesper sparrow, bobolink.

Saturday, May 9 - First blue-winged warbler, common yellowthroat, ruby-throated hummingbird

Saturdya, May 2 - First gray catbird and eastern kingbird

Sunday, April 26 - First swamp sparrow, black-and-white warbler, blue-gray gnatcatcher, northern waterthrush

Saturday, April 25 - First yellow warbler and field sparrow of the season.

Tuesday, April 21 - First Field Sparrow in the morning.

Monday, April 20 - First eastern towhee in the rain at dusk.

Sunday, April 19 - First common snipe of the season! Also a life bird for me!!

Tuesday, April 14 - PHOEBES are here!! I'm home sick today and while sitting at my desk in my office I caught sight of my first phoebe of the year. Hooray!! I also heard my first yellow-bellied sapsucker of the year while out getting the paper.

Friday, April 10 - Chipping Sparrow on the porch. I also saw my first House Sparrow of the year (not associated with a fast food restaurant) - a male fighting with bluebirds for possession of a nest box.

Wednesday, April 8 - First woodcock of the season.

Saturday, April 4 - Tree Swallows are back! Very cold today.

Sunday, March 29 - First thunderstorm of the year.

Saturday, March 28 - American Kestrels are back! Saw an adult sitting on a phone wire.

Saturday, March 21 - Great Blue Herons are back! Also noticed first ring-necked ducks.

Sunday, March 15 - Killdeer are back!

Saturday, February 28 - Turkey Vultures are back!

Tuesday, February 17 - Common Grackles are back! Red-winged blackbirds have been here all winter.